Twenty-nine people who wanted to form a new Christian Church in Walnut Cove, founded First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ on October 8, 1963. In December of 1965, the land for the church was purchased for $5,000. Then the early members voted to lease land and plant tobacco to raise money to pay for the church buiding.  One year after organizing, a ground breaking service was held, and 9 months later the congregation moved into its' present building on July 16, 1967.

First Christian Church was founded on the idea that it was possible to have "an open door and open heart" to all of God's children. That is a belief that we still carry to this day. We enjoy traditional worship, communion every Sunday, a good joke, and a little hard work. 

We partner with Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) worldwide in their mission to make whole a fragmented world, and support the North Carolina Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).