Welcome to the Hall of Champions

Our Ministry Team

Janice has been a long time member of FCC Walnut Cove.  Her musical talents extend far beyond Sunday mornings.  Janice has been leading the FCC Choir for quite some time and is loved by all her church family. 

When not leading our worship music, Janice can be found teaching our Children's Sunday School on Sunday mornings. 

Outside of church, Janice works for the Horace Mann Insurance Company.

We are blessed to have someone like Janice, who truly spreads the light of Christ wherever she goes!
Janice Nickell
Music Minister

Leann began taking piano lessons at age 6 and continued until age 16.  She admits her least favorite part of playing the piano was performing at recitals; therefore, explaining her hesitation to play in public.  

However, our church was in need of a pianist and Leann felt God calling her to use her blessing of piano playing for the church.

 Leann was a member for 28 years when she decided to give it try at being the church pianist. That was 6 years ago!

Leann feels blessed each week when she plays 
for the congregation and choir to sing. She is supported by her husband, Bobby, and two grown children, Melody and Andrew.
Leann Miller